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There are few things more persuasive than clear, concise English.

Free it from jargon, from stock phrases – from anything that gets between the reader and the case you have to make, or the story you have to tell – and English becomes a precision instrument.
That’s crucial to communications today. In the information blizzard of the 21st Century, clarity, accuracy, and coherence in the written word aren’t just a bonus; they’re a strategic advantage.
As an editor, I can help you write reports, research papers, proposals, articles, books, and presentations which are compelling, thorough, yet succinct.
As an illustrator and graphic artist, I can find the photos, create the diagrams, and hand-draw the pictures which will reinforce your text.
Above all I want you to look good in the eyes of your readers!
If you need someone to:
  • help you clarify what you really want to say
  • locate photos to support your text and acquire permission to use them
  • create diagrams, illustrations, and cartoons which add power (and humour!) to your words
  • polish your spelling, punctuation, and grammar to make it consistent and correct
  • challenge weak, confusing, or contradictory arguments in your document
  • ensure that your writing is legible, precise and well-organized
  • adapt your writing to suit the interests and reading ability of a specific audience
  • format your text and images into a handsome document you can be proud of
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!

Garry Loewen

"... I always look forward to more opportunities to work with him."

Michael Toye

“Don McNair is the best
editor I know."

Stewart E. Perry

"What a pleasure to work
with Don McNair.”

Victoria Morris

“Don is a multi-talented editor, illustrator and designer."