Always something of a reader, writer, and artist, I originally imagined that I would teach high school (for lack of any better idea). My stint in the classroom was mercifully brief. Without it, however, I may never have connected with the job in which I spent the next 27 years: a training and research organization dedicated to the revitalization of impoverished communities, and adamant that they assume a lead role in the process.

So I came to know pretty well the world of nonprofits, social enterprise, and community economic development. I also realized how many more writers, topics, and readers are out there that I would like to meet. The same challenges with technical detail, evidence, and the sequencing and visual presentation of information still appear to apply.

Outside the office, I am an avid reader and writer of history, particularly the economic and military history of Europe. I also do a lot of things of an artistic and theatrical nature with the young people at my church. I live in Vernon, B.C., with my wife and two children, who are fast growing up.