I bill for illustration and diagrams at $50 per hour. A line cartoon with a dash of colour costs $120; the layout of a simple, but attractive newsletter costs $20 per page. This includes the time I spend discussing my suggestions with a client.

I bill for editing on a per-word basis. For a rough estimate of what it will cost to edit your text, first do a word count. Then multiply that total by whichever of the following rates applies, in your view.
  • $.30/word for Writing
  • $.16/word for Rewriting
  • $.09/word for Structural Editing
  • $.05/word for Stylistic Editing
  • $.025/word for Copy Editing
Note that it is common for a text to require more than one type of work. The applicable rate will reflect a combination of services, not any one of the rates listed above. For a formal estimate of project costs, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Tell me:
  • what the document is about 
  • who will be reading it 
  • when must it be ready for them 
  • how long it is (in words)
  • how many diagrams or illustrations are required, if any

Then attach to your Email the first 1-2000 words of the document as a Word file.

I will hold your text and our correspondence in strict confidence.